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Athyrius Design Projects

Featured in Scientific American, Fast Company, Vogue, Discovery Magazine & more.

2002 – 2023

Digital Design – Video/Photo Editing – Print Design – Branding


By Mellifera

Mel’s award winning illustrations and artwork has been featured on the BBC for Orphan Black, Dr. Who and other platforms; from gaming to children’s books.
Mel does commission art as a standalone artist and is also our partner for Athyrius clients who need illustrations and hand drawn art. You can contact Mel for commission art and see more of her work on her Twitter

Client Focus:


Central Ohio Welding is a 100 year old company. When we met over 10 years ago they had no branding and were barely hanging in there with a ‘make your own, free’ website that was ultra slow, with no ranking on any search engines. See what we did for Central Ohio Welding:


We tied Central Ohio Welding’s logo and color scheme to Ohio’s most beloved symbol, the OSU Buckeyes, for instant, subliminal recognition and comfort zone appeal to customers. The branding shape also has shades of the Cincinnati Reds. We designed a logo with localized flair for this great company.


When new management came on board they wanted an upgrade with all the bells and whistles, animation and a lot of photography. So we worked closely with them to go bold yet industrial, and we get a lot of compliments on the work.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

We took Central Ohio Welding from zero to number one on all major search engines to for their business niche. We know how to utilize natural language and site structure to organically drive sites higher in the rankings on all search engines. We do this with every site we build, no matter the size or complexity.

Graphic design and signage

We have designed new vehicle wraps, new store posters, holiday, covid and various other printed and online information.

New location assistance

Central Ohio Welding was doing so well that within 4 years of building the first site they branched out into a gorgeous new location and are still growing. We helped create posters, design murals and new signage and helped with marketing and public information.

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