Hello everybody, and welcome to DOS Gaming, a brand new website dedicated to old school gaming! The purpose of DOS Gaming is to provide information, tutorials, reviews, and tips related to running classic MS-DOS games on modern hardware. If you're into retro DOS or just miss the good ol' days of computing, then this site is for you!

About Me

So first off, I am Brandon Stecklein, and I am the creator of this website. I live near Spring Hill, Kansas and I own a mobile software company called Ape Apps. I lived my childhood in the 1980's and early 1990's, and I grew up playing computer games on my dad's Tandy 1000 PC. Although I dabble in the latest Steam offerings from time to time, I'm never able to get into the latest video games, PC, console, phone, or otherwise. My heart is still with the classics!

This mentality comes through in the work I do at Ape Apps as well. Games like Death 3d, Ape City and even My Colony all takes cues from titles I grew up playing on DOS.

The Purpose of this Site

I decided to spin up this new DOS Gaming site as more or less a hobby, and plan on posting new content a couple of times per month. At first, you can expect how-to type articles for setting up the ultimate DOS gaming "rigs" in different virtual environments, followed by tips/how-to type articles and reviews of classic DOS titles. The nice thing about writing about DOS is that, because of how old the platform is, I can take more of a relaxed pace in terms of adding new content.

I noted this on my other site Pocket Champions, but it is worth mentioning here as well. Everything you see on the site here has been written by me from scratch. The blogging software is one that I wrote for www.ape-apps.com , and which I intend to eventually port over to another one of my websites called Role Playing Forums. The user account management system uses my own custom Ape Apps Accounts system. The embeded chat software uses my own Ape Chat service, and eventually when I publish the mobile app for this site, it will use my own custom software as well. So you could say I am a bit of a tech do-it-yourselfer, and every site that I use this software on will go a long way towards debugging and improving it, not just on here, but for all of my sites that use this stuff.


So there it is, the standard introduction to the site. Hopefully I will be adding the first bit of real content shortly, with regular updates to follow. If people start actually visiting the site, there are a lot of features in my software here that I can activate, including a full Forum system for discussion. It all depends on how it plays out, so stay tuned for more!